Sunday, June 28, 2009

what the eff have i been up too?


Sumo my comic i brought to ape, got picked up by first second and will be in thier line up for fall 2010! they are still allowing me to finish my hand made hand bound edition of 100 though so if you want one of these they will be @ san diego there are 50 left.
Than in december the callabortive project me and my bro briana had been working on for the San Francisco art commission went up all over market street in downtown san francisco! it made us famous for a little bit.

Than i made this awesome shirt for this nieghbors show at the Studios gallery it was curated by my wife Lark

And Than me and rina started this podcast called the comics claptrap, and now hecka people hate me.

and than i went to hawaii
and now im working my ass off to finish four angels (see below)

there is more stuff i did, but im tired of typing now... tell you guys more later! bros!


Ras Yeti said...

Don't sell my book! Juice it up!

Isaac said...

I just finished reading Sumo (which I got at MoCCA), and I like it a lot. I think you do a great job giving those simple drawings both mass and grace.

Anonymous said...

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