Sunday, November 21, 2010

Level Up!

The Graphic Novel Gene Yang wrote and I drew will finally be out june 2011 from first second! You can actually order it now on amazon!

Cloak and Dagger

I did this comic for three reasons: 1. I love cloak and Dagger 2. I love grover washington and bill withers 3. I want to work for marvel.

you can download you very own copy here (its in booklet form so print double sided and fold and staple!)

The Greatest Drawing Ever to be Drawn

This is 21x21 inch 2 color silkscreen print i did for Ape there is an edition of 25 there are a few availible for purchase at the Studios Gallery

Cal vs. Stanford

Heres is a mural me and my bro Briana and I painted in the mens restroom at the Kingfish Pub! our payment? free cokes 4 life!

Acrylic on Wall